Radyn Microwave License Search

The Radyn Microwave License Search offers a fast and flexible solution to search point-to-point FCC microwave licenses. This versatile tool allows users to easily search and view licensed data.

Flexible Search Criteria:

  • Call Sign
  • FRN
  • Frequency
  • Latitude / Longitude,
    Up to 250 Mile Radius
  • License Status
  • Licensee Information

Interactive Report View:

  • Sortable Results Page
  • License Overview
  • Interactive License Map
  • Administrative Information
  • Location Details
  • Path Details
  • Direct Links to FCC Website

Interactive Map View:

  • Zoom In and Out
  • Street / Satellite / Terrain
  • Color-Coded License Status

Google Earth Download:

  • Zoom In and Out
  • 3D Terrain and Buildings
  • Color-Coded License Status

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FCC Microwave License Search
Data SourceFCC
Data UpdatedJuly 23, 2024 at 8:26 am, EST
Path TypePoint-To-Point Microwave
Callsign Count289,584
Path Count579,103